Sedum kimnachii (Mexican Sedum Stonecrop)

Common Name: “Mexican Sedum”

Scientific Classification:
Order: Saxifragales
Family: Crassulaceae
Genus: Sedum 
Species: S. kimnachii

Note: Often misidentified as Sedum confusum.

Native To: Mexico

Growing Specs:

  • Appearance: Sedum kimnachii is an excellent groundcover succulent that forms a flat, dense carpet of shiny leaves.
  • Flowering: A bright yellow flower distinguishes this Stonecrop. Cheerful, easily propagated, and loved by bees and butterflies.
  • Hardiness: Hardy to 25 degrees F. Some protection from winter cold and wet recommended.

Care Requirements: Like most succulents, it needs well-draining soil that dries out between waterings. Grow in full sun.

Propagation: Propagation can either be done by root division, or by individual stems. When older, Sedum kimnachii will start to cascade and become a hanging plant. Eventually it can get lanky. It is possible to simply cut the tips of the stems off and place them directly into succulent soil. Mist the top layer of the soil once per week, but do not fully water. Keeping the soil too moist when propagating can easily rot the cutting, since there will be no roots formed yet. Be sure to also place it in a bright spot with indirect light.

Toxicity: Non-toxic to pets. Check out my Pet Safety Guide for more information.

Xylem Rising’s Observations: Though it does prefer full sun, it will tolerate part shade. If it is not exposed to enough light, it will remain green and can become lanky. When it does receive the optimal amount of light, the green turns more chartreuse, and peachy tones exhibit themselves throughout the plant. This is one of my greenhouse refugees!

Check out this color difference:

Part-shade on the left, full-sun on the right. Crazy, huh? Read more about the color transition here.


5-6 months after I initially wrote this post:




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