Sansevieria cylindrica var. patula ‘Boncel’

Common Name: “Spear Orchid”; “Starfish Sansevieria”; “Skyline Spear”

Scientific Classification:
Order: Asparagales
Family: Asparagaceae (yep, same as Asparagus!)
Genus: Sansevieria
Species: S. cylindrica var. patula
Cultivar: ‘Boncel’

Note: In plant nomenclature, the “var.” in the name stands for variety, a taxonomic rank below species but above form or cultivar.

Native To: Nursery-produced cultivar.

Note: Sansevieria cylindrica (the primary species) is native to Angola.

Growing Specs: 

  • Appearance: Stout growing habit with short, fat leaves about an inch thick. Very unusual, cylindrical-shaped leaves that fan out in a starfish form. The stiff leaves grow from a basal rosette. Foliage is variegated with white and green stripes. It is very slow-growing, and will not get too much taller than about 12″.
  • Flowering: Although a rare event, it does flower. Flowers will be a creamy green color and grow on a very long flower stalk. The stalk can reach a length of up to 2-3 ft. and will be covered in dozens of flower buds.
  • Hardiness: Hardy to about 30 degrees F.

Care Requirements: Sansevierias are tough to kill! It’s actually on my Top 7 Houseplants that are Completely Indestructible list. It will tolerate very low light and very little water. On the other side, it will also tolerate part sun and weekly waterings. It’s great indoors or outdoors. It’s a good idea to use a succulent potting mix and your pot will still need adequate drainage, but overall, this plant can survive a variety of conditions.

Propagation: Small offshoots will sprout from the main plant and are easily propagated if they are removed carefully and planted directly into a good succulent-cactus mix, such as Hoffman 10410 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix, 10 Quarts.

Toxicity: Poisonous to humans and pets if ingested. Check out my Pet Safety Guide for more information.

Xylem Rising’s Observations: This is an extremely versatile plant! I have one outside in mostly shade to part sun, and it has tolerated two California rainy seasons just fine. My other one is in a dark bathroom and gets watered about once a month. Both are thriving!



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2 Comments on “Sansevieria cylindrica var. patula ‘Boncel’

  1. We were just given one of these and the leaves seem hard like it’s maybe dried out. Is it OK? How could we save it if it’s not?


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