Finally in my green thumbs, that’s where! This plant is grossly misnamed as Monstera obliqua, which you will find it identified as all over the web and in boutique plant stores. Check out this informative post by Muggle Plants – “Monstera obliqua vs. Monstera adansonii” that explains the rich history of this provocative plant.  It’s a cross between the popular “Swiss Cheese Plant” (Monstera deliciosa), or Cut-Leaf Philodendron, and the Philodendron vine.  The hybridization of these two results in the “Swiss Chess Vine”, or Monstera adansonii.


When I saw the beautiful mother plant this cutting came from on the top of my friend’s refrigerator, I gasped with excitement.  I had been searching for one for a long time.  It’s a rare specimen.  It is occasionally found when you aren’t looking for it, and when it is, it’ll break the bank.  So I rooted it in water, and along came new growth!


    the condition of being fenestrate.

(refers to the oval-shaped holes)



The gorgeous, vintage glass bottle it now lives in until I transplant it to soil.


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