“Ain’t no planter dope as me, I’m planted so lush and green (so lush and so green, green)”. Wait, those are the Outkast lyrics, right?

These succulent planters are the most lush ones I have. Just look at the size of those Blue Chalksticks!


IMG_3476.1 copy

Plants pictured above:

  1. Crassula perforata
  2. Curio talinoides var. mandraliscae “Blue Chalksticks”
  3. Pachyphytum oviferum “Moonstones”
  4. Sedum kimanchii
  5. Sedum oaxacanum
  6. Sedum pachyphyllum
  7. Sedum rupestre

These planters are among the handful of plants I recently brought to my new greenhouse. Read about the details at Fighting the Winter Blues.


Despite the clever name for this post, green leaves don’t always indicate the best growing conditions when it comes to brightly-colored succulents. Leaf “greening” will occur when they don’t receive enough light, like these ones. They won’t die from lack of full sun, but they will dull to a pale green.

After only three weeks of greenhouse living, my Pachyphytum oviferum “Moonstones” got its lavender tones back!


Pachyphytum oviferum lavender tones

Here is Pachyphytum oviferum before, on the left. And after 2 months of greenhouse living, here is Sedum pachyphyllum, on the right. Notice the blush tones?

After only 3-4 weeks, the leaf margins of my Crassula perforata started getting their red back as well!

IMG_7093 (1)

Not only was my Sedum kimnachii dulled to an overall green color from living in a redwood forest, but it was also becoming very stringy. So I easily propagated it by pulling off the heads and starting the plant over. I’m excited to see the beautiful peachy tones.


[later update] 5-6 months later…

These are the same exact cuttings from my Graptopetalum paraguayense:


December 2nd, 2018


February 5th, 2019


March 1st, 2019

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon…

The stems turned red and the faded red leaf stripes came back on my Aeonium simsii.

My Echeveria prolifica got its pink tint back!



Isn’t this all so amazing?!

You can only imagine how thrilled I am.


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All photo rights belong to Cristie R. Kiley.  Please ask permission before taking.

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