Has your Monstera plant gotten so big that it can no longer support itself? Or do you want to encourage your Philodendron to grow tall and vertical? Consider using a sphagnum moss totem pole for plant support. They are especially helpful for plants with aerial roots. They are cheap, easy to install, and will give your plants the necessary support for optimal growth.


My Monstera deliciosa‘s leaves and stems were flopping all over the place from lack of support. It was unnecessarily taking up a ton of room, and I kept on walking into it every time I entered my bedroom. The leaves were practically on the floor.


I was aware of the handmade extra tall moss totem poles, but I wasn’t familiar with the brand Mosser Lee until I did a little bit of research. Their totem poles are ready-made and contain long-fibered sphagnum moss, which acts as a growing medium for plants with aerial roots. The moss should be moistened prior to installation, as well as continuously. The pole comes in four sizes ranging from 12-30″, and 12″ extenders are provided for adding to the top once your plant reaches the height of the installed pole.

Mosser Lee 24″ Totem Pole Plant Support

The pole comes with seven greening pins, which hold the stems in place vertically. They act as a temporary anchoring system. In order to not puncture, scar, or even break the stems, I recommend moving them around as the plant grows.


Without too much force, it’s an added benefit to position any aerial roots forming on the stem directly against the pole, to act as anchors. The roots will grow into the pole, locking the stems into place, which helps provide extra support. With this added root support, the plant will be encouraged to grow much bigger than it would if these aerial roots were left sticking out.

Aerial Roots are roots that grow on the above-ground parts of a plant, functioning as anchors. They are almost always “adventitious”, in which they arise from an organ other than the root – usually a stem, sometimes a leaf.


Check out this YouTube video tutorial I made about installing this moss totem pole:



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