As you probably have noticed, the blog has been pretty quiet as of late. But I’m still here! I’ve actually been hard at work designing inventory for my up-and-coming plant decor brand. I’ve shared with family, friends, and close-knit communities on my social media accounts and e-mail newsletter, but I haven’t been officially public about it yet. I’m sorry if you’re the last to know! But even if you are in my inner circle, you’ve probably only seen small snippets, heard vague details, and probably have no idea what I mean by “plant decor brand”. Now is the time that I clue you in on what I’ve been up to!

I will absolutely be keeping up with writing for the blog, and I always have content brewing in rough draft form, but my focus lately has been on making art for Xylem Rising. Xylem Rising is more than an online plant resource. Yes, I will continue to provide experience-based plant care tips and tutorials for my plant community, but my vision for Xylem Rising is way beyond words, pictures, and videos. It is about the plant-filled lifestyle. The life that plants and communing with nature lets you live. It’s a connection not only to plants, but to spirit. Sometimes this is expressed not only with science, but with art. I will be using my affinity for the arts, design, and craftsmanship to help express the spirit of Mother Nature.

Plant Propagation Mobiles


I will be selling a line of gorgeous “plant propagation mobiles”, designed by Yours Truly. Essentially, they are plant holders made specifically for plant cuttings. Every piece is structurally sound and made to last.

  • They’re functional home decor, hung either on the ceiling or the wall.
  • They are unique, one-of-a-kind, and handcrafted with care, positivity, good intentions, and love.
  • They consist of deer antlers (or driftwood) woven with dreamcatchers and adorned with macrame. The macrame acts as a propping system for vintage glass bottles, and the bottles act as plant propagation vessels.
  • The bottles are designed to hold water, and the construction of each piece factors in the weight of the materials involved, the water, and the plants. They are securely supported by their macrame pockets.
  • The bottles are designed to be easily removed from their decorative holding system, for the purpose of cleaning the glass and changing out the water.
  • Every piece is made with a majority of found, gifted, and thrifted materials.

They’re an education piece. I want to teach everyone about the phenomenon of plant cutting water propagation. It’s so easy, and anyone can succeed at it. Most plants can be rooted by sticking the stem in a vessel of water. Take a Philodendron vine for instance. The stem can be cut below a node, and the cut portion can be stuck in water. If you wait at least one month, you will see new roots form! Or take a Spider Plant. Even succulents can be successfully propagated in water. All plant cuttings should be transferred to soil after 3 months or less. Then the process starts over with a new cutting.

For those of us who already propagate anything green around us, I want to provide a unique yet practical way of displaying these cuttings. Most water propagation vessels on the market sit on shelves or tables. Some are done in cool test tube-like holsters. A lot of people just use whatever vase they have lying around. Well, mine are different. Mine are elaborate 3D hanging sculptures with boho charm. (And they also happen to fit really well with the name Xylem Rising.)

Please note that all animal materials used in my work are sourced ethically. The bones and feathers are either found, thrifted, or gifted. I do not support hunting for sport, recreation, or profit. When I buy my supplies from small online retailers, I always make sure they are cruelty-free.

I have created two large mobiles to completion, and many others (both big and small) are in the design phase; thus, explaining my absence on the blog. I’m a busy beaver over here building my inventory.

Once this project takes off, I will be offering custom work as well!

(Dear Internet, please don’t steal my idea. But if you do, good luck. These suckers are meticulously handcrafted, take a ton of time, skill, and patience, and are not for the faint of heart.)


Of course, she’s going to need a handmade logo!

I’ve been working on this baby off and on for months now:



It’s a watercolor painting designed and illustrated 100% by Yours Truly. I’ve spent hours on the actual painting, and I’ve spent hours digitally optimizing it and getting it ready for print. It’s been quite the process, and it’s not even finished. But it’s close! Once I have a finished digital file, technically it’s not even done. I’ll still have to incorporate it on self-designed business cards. It’s a lot of work designing your own logo!

It’ll be so worth it!

Aside from actually creating my own logo, I’ve been developing my brand. I’ve thought long and hard about my concept, my visions, my market, and all things business plan. I’ve been structuring my handmade business, and a lot of work has been involved in order to put my vision into a cohesive intention, concept, and execution. A lot of it has to do with what I think YOU, my muse, will benefit the most from.

Botanic-Themed Art Prints


I’m a watercolor painter. The art prints I’ll be selling will be of whimsical botanical illustrations, plant still life arrangements, and plant-themed sayings.

Unique Succulent Planters

Think birdcages, shells, and grapevine balls!

Here is a birdcage I did in the past:

Oracle Cards

I cannot reveal any more, for now. It’s going to be EPIC. My idea has never been done before (as far as I know), and it’s going to involve a Kickstarter Campaign. That’s all I can allow myself to say at the moment. Stay tuned!


‘The Moon’, Alphonse Mucha, 1902

My lifelong spirit work has led me here. I have spent years digging deep within myself, and as I continue to grow, so does my purpose here on Earth. I want to inspire. I want to shine not only the knowledge I’ve learned along the way caring for plants, but share with you the spiritual wisdom I have gained (and continue to!) over the years. It’s all about self-love.

Disclaimer: Transformative healing may occur.

I am not going to preach anything to you. I don’t subscribe to any organized religion. I have respect for each and every belief set, but my focus has always been to discover my highest self. I have a deep connection with Mother Earth, the Universal Spirit, and Humanity. I nurture plants. And I have learned how to nurture my body, heart, mind, and soul. I know how good it feels. I want that for everyone, because we all deserve to experience the power of plants. And who couldn’t use a little more self-care?


Much love to you and thank you for your support,


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With the exception of the Alphonse Mucha piece titled ‘The Moon’,
All photo rights belong to Cristie R. Kiley. Please ask permission before taking.

2 Comments on “Online Shop Coming Soon!

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  2. Beautiful vision and organically artistic expression you will be offering …I look forward to the official launch. In a world quickly being over ran by technology and media it is refreshing to have this presented soon on the community and global table.
    Kudos To you Cris🍀🌿🎄🌵🦚


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