If you lack sufficient sunlight, but you love growing plants indoors, LED grow lights are a must! Since I live in a redwood forest with mostly shade (but I also love caring for plants that require bright indirect light all day), I had to figure out a way to keep my plants not only alive, but thriving. These LED lights work so well!


I’ve been using them for about a year now to supplement my lack of natural light, and I’ve seen nothing but great results! They’re not too strong, but they provide the normal blue-red light spectrum so that my plants can still carry out their necessary photosynthesis. I have them conveniently set on daily timers, running for about 12 hours per day. The growth and health I notice with my plants is better than when I used to live somewhere with floor to ceiling 9 ft. windows.


And better yet, they are energy efficient! Even with them being on for 12 hrs/day every day, I don’t notice any increase in my electric bill. I have different lights of varying intensities, depending on the location in my house. I have an A-frame hinged plant stand, and I have an LED strip light wrapped around it. It’s 60 watt, and with it being so close to the plants on the shelves, I make sure to choose high-light plants for placement. Without it, the plants on the middle and bottom shelves of my plant stand would get practically no light and die. With it, I have thriving succulents and cacti inside a dark corner of my house.


I can cram as many plants on this thing without worrying about overcrowding.


Get Yours Here!

Waterproof Full Spectrum Red Blue 4:1 LED Light Strip

Note: If you do purchase this rope light, please be aware that you’ll also need a 12V 5A power adapter to go with it, sold separately.  Click the image below to add that on.

Power Adapter for LED Light Strip

The next LED grow light I’m about to showcase is this one I keep near the brightest window of my house. And when I say bright, I’m speaking in relative terms. I have massive redwood trees that tower over my house, but there is one gap in the trees. For a few hours, there may be some light that comes through. It’s not much, and I still need to supplement my plant babies with a lower wattage ceiling-hanging LED grow light. This one is 50 watt, and it provides a curtain of warm artificial sunshine.

Get Yours Here!

UFO 250 LEDs Indoor Plant Grow Light w/ Red Blue Spectrum

Lastly, and this one is the kicker, the 150 watt dimmable hanging LED grow light. I keep this one in a darker part of my house that barely sees any natural light, but now I’m able to grow cacti, succulents, and tropicals under this bad boy.


Get Yours Here!

Dimmable 150W w/ 289 LEDs Grow Light for Indoor Plants

If it weren’t for these lights, all my plants would either be dead or dying. These are [plant] life-savers! I hope you try them out, and find similar results. All of these lights linked above are energy efficient, and the hanging ones conveniently come with easy hanging brackets. But remember not to leave them on all the time – plants need to sleep too!

Happy LED growing!


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